About Us

Who We Are!

MOOKA Strategy Ltd. is the African-based subsidiary of Mooka Consulting and Strategy Inc. Canada, a consulting and strategy firm dedicated to helping transform businesses, organizations, and institutions into vigorous, agile, and strong organizations that anticipate the unpredictable, adapt rapidly to disruption.
MOOKA Strategy Ltd. leverages on the wide network of its strategic partners, stakeholders, and associates to facilitate the planning and execution of its projects and guarantee successful results.

We work with Institutions, Governments and Development partners in the private and public sector to identify and develop sustainable solutions to the most challenging economic and social development issues in the countries where we operate.

One of Mooka’s unique competitive advantage is its ability to handle complex projects, involving cooperation between government and Private entities across various disciplines. We play an important role in the Capital Markets by working in synergy to help a wide range of businesses and organizations respond to opportunities and challenges, while improving their performances, and return on Investments.


Meet Our Team!

Dr. Macaulay Kalu

Dr. Macaulay Kalu


Has extensive experience in leadership advisory,
including policy development for government and nongovernmental organization’s like the African Union

William Swamy, MBA

William Swamy, MBA

Board Member

An experienced management and finance professional with 20 years of credit and investment management experience in the financial services and energy sectors with clients in 23 countries plus Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Denmark and the UAE.

Captain Roy Rodricks

Captain Roy Rodricks

Board Member

Global thinker and savvy Entrepreneur with wealth of experience in business and capital market, He is MOOKA’s key strategic partner, he is a mastermind behind many successful ventures including Livingwaters international, Trade and investment Ltd. and Adonai Global Solutions

Mr. Shahul Hameed A.J.

Mr. Shahul Hameed

Board Member

Prominent Businessman and strategic thinker, he is Mooka’s Key Real estate and Finance Strategy Partner with a proven expertise in Business development, Project Management and finance structuring across Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Siri-Lanka

Mr. Rafath Alam

Dr. Rafath Alam

Board Member

High Profile Business Development Consultant with proven records of achievements in various Industry in India and internationally. He is Mooka’s key Business Solution partner and advisor. He brings on board over 28 years of experience in serving reputed companies like Fenner (India), Sheneider Electric and Larsen &Toubro LTD

Mr. Rodrick Miller

Rodrick Miller

Senior Consultant, Economic Development

Craft strategies and structure deals to provide long-term value to communities and investors

Mr. Best Green

Best Green

Senior Consultant, Technology & Branding

Brings years of experience in developing and delivering technology and branding big wins.

Mr. Godson Ogumka

Godson Ogumka

Senior Consultant, Multimedia & Info. Technology

Brings deep expertise in tech and media to advise on large-scale business success stories

Mr. Kizito Ebhohimen

Kizito Ebhohimen

Senior Consultant, Project Management

Leverages his MBA and huge project management savvy to lead project and strategic success.